Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Picture Overload

My brothers were here this weekend. They came to Brady and Noah's soccer game. 
Noah played so much better!
Alex loved the game! 

Presley loved Uncle Cameron. 

I love having our family all together and so do the kids!

We played some soccer with the little ones.

Siblings: youngest to oldest. 

This is the sweetest picture. Alex adores Brady and Noah. 

 Uncle Drew and Amelia. 
Lunch at Firehouse. Happy boys.

Bell Buckle Cafe for dinner.

We got some sweet pictures of my parents and all the grandkids. 

Brady wanted his own picture on the train tracks. This was his pose. 

Then all the kids wanted a picture. 

Sunday after church we had some more fun! 
Oliver told Drew he loved him in slow motion. We don't know what that means really but it sounded nice. 

Eggs and a cookie for a well-balanced lunch on Monday.
Tuesday we had a day full or random stuff to do. I made sure to add some fun stuff for Oliver.
Oliver loves water fountains. He calls them 'water mountains'.

Oliver wanted to go in 'that' building.
He settled for the library. 

They had a great program going on. We had so much fun!


Then we headed to pick up these beauties for the last soccer practice!

They made one extra for little brother. 

Great place!

Presley enjoyed the rest of Noah's at practice!


Thursday, September 15, 2016

This Simple Life

Oliver and I get the most time together in my current life. We have lots of chats. Lately he has been trying to understand who is all part of our family and what is their title. So I made him a family tree. 
Haircuts as soon as Mommy got better! 

Cute coach alert!

 Make-up practice. I am in a wedding in October so I was trying some new stuff out. I need a new lip color.
The coolest kid.

So happy to go to Kroger with Mommy.

Sometimes we have a hard time being woken up from his nap to go to pick up Noah. 

Saturday I went to celebrate this lovely bride-to-be.

Everything was so beautiful. 

And yummy.

We had dinner at Pinewood Social.

All the bridesmaids. 

It was a super fun night!
This week I started a project lightening up our living room. It has a long way to go before it is where I want it but the tables turned out great. 

After and Before. (Black was before.)
 Love the way it turned out.

The other table.

Yesterday's dinner was yummy. I forgot all about this crescent roll Taco Ring recipe. I halved the recipe. It looked like a tiny ring but we still didn't eat it all! The whole family approved.