Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall Break!

Last week was Noah's Fall Break. It was a good change from last year's Fall Break 9 day trip. This year was much more laid back!

Sunday, we headed to Nashville after church for lunch and then a visit to the hospital to see my grandmother. We ate at Flip Burger and Bryan hasn't stopped talking about his burger he had.
Monday, Noah asked if we could stay home and set up the bounce house so we did. They played in it all day!

Tuesday, Noah was invited to go to his buddies house for a few hours to celebrate his birthday. His mom sent me this reenactment of them now versus when they were babies.

 When I asked Noah what he wanted to do over Fall Break, the only thing he told me for a few days was "Go to Storytime." On Wednesday, we headed that way.

I think they were tired and craving some Mommy loving. They were all over me!
We met Daddy for a little treat and the boys got to draw some pictures on an easel at Simply Pure Sweets.

 Thursday, Noah had a special day with his Mimi and Aunt Ananda. Oliver and I had a day together at home playing tractors.
Friday, we went shoe shopping and to lunch. The boys needed church shoes and we tried the new Chicken Salad Chick restaurant. 

 I brought books to entertain them and Noah read the whole time we were waiting!

I had a good hair day so I got a picture of myself because who knows when that will happen again. It hasn't happened again yet!

That night the boys spent the night with my mom while Bryan and I headed to a wedding rehearsal. 
Noah said it was a GREAT fall break!


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Boo at the Zoo!

Last Friday, we started off Noah's Fall Break by heading to Boo at the Zoo. We have been zoo members for all of Noah's life and yet we have never been to Boo at the Zoo, so we were excited!

It was a little wet from an earlier shower but stayed dry for us! Noah didn't want to wear his real costume so he wore a cape. 
Tinkerbell and Pochahantus were there to greet you in the front. Then a dinosaur scanned your ticket to get in!
Noah was excited to see SnowBird. 

We went straight to the Magic Show. Noah has been asking to see a magic show. He LOVED it. HE has been practicing his musician tricks ever since. 

 He got to be a volunteer twice!

Oliver volunteered also! 

Free "Scary-go-round" rides!

Lots of carnival games!

And of course Trick-or-Treating!

The highlight of the night was the hayride. It was so fun! Oliver was so tired waiting in line but it was worth it!

We had a great night! I would suggest doing it. I think Oliver would have been too young until this year... so I'm glad we didn't spend the $$ for it before this year. They were at a good age. It is cheaper for zoo members but still pretty pricey when you are buying four tickets!


Wednesday, October 19, 2016


We sort of missed out anniversary. I was in a wedding that night and so it was all about the couple getting married, keeping kids happy, and Bryan getting ready to perform. 
The next afternoon, Bryan walked in the door after work with flowers in his hands. This never happens so for me it was a big deal. I started crying. He just rarely does things like that and  I needed the gesture that day!
Saturday, the boys got to see their old neighbors that moved away over the summer.

Then we picked out Halloween Costumes. Oliver was so proud of his!

Bryan and I snuck away without the kids to do some shopping for him and a coffee date. 

Then just like that, it was Monday again and Oliver and I were waiting in the car pick-up line to get Noah.

I helped at Noah's school Book Fair one day that week.
The kids loved me being there. This little girl had her hand on my leg during the entire time her class was being read to. 

Noah got a new book and he read it for an hour after school! 

Oliver and I enjoyed Friday by splitting this yummy doughnut!


Monday, October 17, 2016

Noonday Christmas!

It's almost that time of the year! I love purchasing gifts that help others on many levels. Noonday helps the artisans that make the products and it helps women like my sister who are selling them! Plus whomever you gift it to gets a beautiful gift of wonderful quality. Here are some ideas for those in your life:

The Young Ones
It's never too early to start teaching your young children about fair trade and how your purchases can positively impact the less fortunate of the world or negatively impact them. (Both of these ideas are under $15!)

I love the Safari Stack Bracelets for little girls.
For little boys love this ornament

The Teenager: (These are all in the $30 range.)

A couple of 8th-grade girls recently went on and on about this necklace I have. It comes in Silver and Gold. (It would really be a great gift for anyone but I thought it was funny that that age girl loved it so much!) 

I love a wrap bracelet for a girl this age. Noonday has so many to choose from. This one is beautiful!

The College Student: 

I feel like college students are always on the go. Packing up to come home for the weekend, Spring Break trips, mission trips, Summer camps... I love these ideas for the girl on the go!

This crossbody is great for a girl ready for an adventure!
These arm warmers are screaming "wear me on a cold winter day as you are walking to class"! ;)

The Stay-at-Home Mom- 
As a stay-at-home-mom, I have different needs for my wardrobe than I did when I worked. 
I am convinced there is no better bag than this one. It is great for any age lady in any stage of life but I especially love it because it would be a real treat for most Mom's this Christmas. Typically we don't buy ourselves luxury items and this is a lux item. It really is so awesome and well made. 

Scarves are good for my life because I can elevate a normal jeans and black t-shirt outfit into something really cute. This one is perfect for winter.

The Working Lady:
When you are working every day, jewelry is a great way to change up your outfits and just make them more put together. 
I really think every working lady needs this necklace. It is so versatile and easy! 
This one is my favorite for Winter and Fall. I feel like if you got this for your wife or daughter-in-law she would be really surprised and impressed. You're welcome! 

The Grandma-
My mom loves these bangles. She says they go with so much. They also really add to your outfit. 
My mom is a "young grandma", at least she looks like it. So another option for a grandma is one of these ornaments

The Great- Grandma:
My grandmothers are getting older. They still dress up for church and other occasions. Although, they have trouble with clasps, so I picked some things that are easy to slip on.

This necklace I think would be a great way for one of my grandma's to add some color to her blazers or a plain black dress. It still looks young enough that her grand-daughter is going to want to borrow it, which she will love! 

Check out the bracelets at Noonday. They have so many that slip on and are easy to wear. This one  has always been a favorite of mine and I can see my grandmas wearing it too. 

Last year, my mom got this wrap for one of my grandmas and she looks beautiful in it. She always gets lots of compliments. 

Check out my sister's Noonday page to order something for someone on your list this year. She is an ambassador and her name is Amber Barrett. She is donating a portion of her sales this month to those who have been devasted by the hurricane in Haiti.
 Here is her link:

I also have two friends with open parties... just type in one of their names and they get credit for your order on their show!
Nancy Caroline Thomas link here: 

Check out Noonday. They have so many great ideas for this season of giving!