Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tonsillectomies and Life After

The anticipation can be a lot for surgery. I kept reminding myself to see the good and find the little things that make me smile. 

The driveway to my parents house is just as good as a zoo~
Bryan went to Boston for a guys trip last weekend and Noah woke up Saturday morning wanting to find Boston on the map and read about it in his State's workbook.  It was so sweet.

We had team pictures without Coach Bryan, which was sad. But look at that good looking group?
Super early morning at the soccer field.

A  mom had gotten up even earlier and made a bunch of homemade cinnamon rolls. I was impressed. 

Presley was the goalie and she did great!

We woke up early Sunday also to get to the airport to pick up Bryan. He brought the boys back some souvenirs. One being this map of Boston that they have loved!

Noah got a lobster claw pen that was taken from him shortly after because he tried to pinch Oliver's face with it. 

Since it was the day before I had to go on a soft food diet for two weeks, we decided to eat good and stop at The Pancake Pantry. I remember going here when I was little and ordering Bears in the Snow. Well, they still have it and Oliver ordered it. HE LOVED it and almost ate every single bite.

This was my breakfast.  I ate about half. It was awesome. 

This is Oliver's face if you say "Give me your pancake face."
It didn't take long of me being home for treats to start arriving after my surgery.
I am well loved.
These balloons are from my niece and nephew, Brady & Presley. 

Then Noah came home with flowers and a balloon after his soccer game. 

Bryan and Noah went on a little trip to Newks to get me some potato soup. It is all that sounded good and it was worth the trip. That was one of the only real meals I have eaten all week. 

A few of the girls at church got together and decided on doing an Ice Cream Train for me. One friend brings me a different ice cream each day and I don't know who is coming until that day. So that has been fun. I have enjoyed the visits and surprises. 
My first was from my friend Aletha. I was asleep when she dropped by this yummy ice cream. 
It was gone by the time the next friend came. 

My friend Ana brought me some magazines, an adult coloring book, chap stick, and more ice cream.
My mom also got me a coloring book and they have been nice to have when waiting to take the next dose of medicine. I haven't felt like watching tv so I spend a lot more time coloring,on the computer, or looking at magazines.

 Oliver stayed with my mom the first 5 nights. This was a huge help. I thought I would miss him like crazy but I was in such bad shape most days that I wasn't even thinking about him. I was glad he was happy and having fun with my parents. He spent a lot of time working with Poppy and hanging out with Sue Sue.
My mom brought him by a few times and he sat in bed with me and played computer. He was so calm, gentle, and quiet. He did so well.

He even held my hand one day.

So coloring has been a surprising stress/pain reliever. 
My friend Stephanie asked us what we needed and told us she was coming by whether she brought anything or not. It was really good the way she put it.. like please let me bring you what it is on your 'need' list. It was funny because the time we needed 2% milk for the kids, I was almost out of oatmeal, and more Sonic ice. So she brought that PLUS Star Wars Puzzles for Noah and Paw Patrol Puzzles for Oliver. Their favorite. It was perfect. I needed something calming I could do with them  quietly and seeing them really excited was so fun. Both boys just love their new puzzles.

I have been brushing really bad. I am not sure why but this one is now so much worse!

Noah was down a lot last week. He just seemed to be really sad about Mommy being sick. So one morning- we did Snapchat filters to make him laugh before school.

My mom bought the boys little things too throughout the week that she saw. These Star Wars battle magnets were a huge hit for Noah.

Some more of my coloring masterpieces.

My friend, Wendie brought me Sonic ice and a sweet tea one day. I told her that is what I wanted when she asked and I did want it but I ended up not being able to drink it. The ice, I used every bit. I have just stuck to drinking water only though. It seems to work best and doesn't irritate anything back there.

My friend Ashely brought me a milkshake from our local custard shop, the boys cake pops,  and then she braided my hair. This day I felt the best outwardly then I had in a week because of this pretty little braid. I needed something to do with my mop of hair and this just helped so much. 

My face broke out so bad. Not sure if it was stress or me touching my face so much or a reaction to the medicine but I have bumps all over my face. So I felt yucky. The braid helped a little. 

This one reminded me of Mexican food. I really miss Mexican food.
This one reminds me more of wallpaper.

It is day 7 and I am thinking I may be feeling a little better instead of worse this afternoon. So maybe I am in for a much better day tomorrow. 


Friday, August 19, 2016


Good Morning!

I thought I would share three things this morning that made me smile.

1. I had to take Noah to school this morning. Bryan normally takes him on his way to work. This just works for our family. Oliver gets to stay in his pjs a little longer and Bryan and Noah get time together. But Bryan is in Boston, so I took Noah. Three little ones stopped me as I was walking Noah to class. One little girl who recognizes me from last year, stopped me twice because she had lost her umbrella. Lots of little "Hi Mrs. Amy!" as I walk down the hall. Several stops to give hugs. That makes me heart smile. 

2. I love new internet friends. So if you are reading- comment below and say hi! I had a new comment in my email this morning from a fellow mom and I read it walking away feeling like I had made a new friend!

3. It's Friday! I don't know about you, but school wears me out. Yay for the weekend!

Here is a peek into our life lately-
Saturday morning breakfast before the kids wake up!
Soccer kids first game!

 They were so cute!

Say, "We are number one!"
(Notice Presley's 1!) 
I watched half the game from the concession stand because it was our turn to man it!

 Sweet boys hanging out on a column together outside. 
Oliver when he gets woke up from his nap to go sit in a car rider line at Noah's school. 

Open House night for Noah's school. Oliver and I went while Bryan and Noah went to soccer practice. This Noonday piece is still a favorite of mine!

On the wall outside of Noah's classroom. Noah said the assignment was to draw your best friends doing something he loves. So he drew Brady playing Pokemon Go!

Oliver was a gecko at Open House.